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Gift Box

Celebrate this season by gifting our lovingly prepared assorted gift boxes to friends and loved ones at home.

Choose from three exciting boxes: Curry in a Hurry, Poker and Dips and The Dynamite Box for all-natural and healthy flavours.
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The Upside

We never use refined oils.

All our oils are cold pressed oils. Which means, no heat or chemicals are used to extract it - giving us unrefined oils that are a whole lot richer in vitamins, nutrients and flavour than refined oils.

Refined Sugar? We'll pass.

Sweet dreams are made of better, unrefined sugars like jaggery and coconut sugar. They’re healthy, good for you and oh so delicious. In general when it comes to bringing our flavors to life, we keep our usage of sugars to a minimum. Even when we're looking for a little hint of sweetness, you'll never catch us reaching for refined sugar. Not now. Not ever.

We keep it real.

When it comes to creating flavour explosions, we don’t mess around. Every single one of our products have no preservatives, no fillers. We keep it 100% real. Take a look at the back of our label. Real, authentic, 100% plant-based ingredients as far as the eye can see, not a single artificial ingredient in sight.

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