Make Your Own Spark Box

Got a special someone who brings out the spark in you? Ignite their palate with a boom of unforgettable flavours and textures, and show them you truly care with this box of deliciously healthy condiments. No refined sugar, no bad oils and absolutely nothing artificial. Only real flavours and the best plant-based ingredients. Make your own gift box, by choosing three flavour jars from any of our Vegan Mayos, Toppings, Dips & Spreads or Sauces.
Five Chilli Oil Topping Online
Five Chilli Oil
Schezwan Sauces Online
 Garlic Vegan Mayo Online
Sweet Mustard Dip and Spread Online
Sweet Mustard
 Peanut + Lime Dip Spread Online
Peanut + Lime
 Timur Chilli Crisp Topping Online
Timur Chilli Crisp
Cashew Mustard Dip and Spread Online
Cashew + Mustard
Black Pepper Vegan Mayo Online
Black Pepper
Dill Seeds + Herbs Dip and Spread Online
Dill Seeds + Herbs
Tamarind + Spice
Chilli + Caramel