Yes! From Rajasthan to Delhi - the boom of 100% natural flavours will find you wherever you are.

We’re terribly sorry about this! Track your order here or reach us on 8657436083 or on sales@boombay.in, and we will help you locate your order.

Usually, our orders are at door steps within 4 - 5 working days and are
shipped the same or the next day. However, we reserve the right to send out the product up to 7 days after receiving an order, after which it can take up to 7 days to be delivered.

Yes! Send us photos of the damaged products at sales@arugula.in and we will review your return or refund request.

We’re sorry to hear that. Tell us more about the problems you're experiencing by reaching us on 8657436083 or at sales@boombay.in

You cannot cancel your order if it has been shipped. If you’ve made a mistake in placing your order or would like to change it right away, we'll try our best to accommodate your request. Call us at 8657436083 or email at sales@boombay.in, and we will process your request!

Shipping is free above Rs.1000 of cart value. Anything under that has a flat Rs. 50 shipping charge.

All about Boombay and our products

The chances of our products getting spoilt in transit are close to zero. They contain 100% natural ingredients such as nuts, cold pressed oils, spices, dried herbs, vinegars and natural sugars. These healthy ingredients have a long shelf life of their own, and by adding some naturally fermented coconut vinegar or fresh lime juice, we're able to preserve our products for longer periods. You can find the complete list of ingredients for each product on our website or the back of the pack.

Here you can place an explanation or answer to the question.

Here you can place an explanation or answer to the question.