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Choose ONLY ONE between any of our Dips & Spreads, Toppings, Vegan Mayos or Sauces to add to the gift box.
Black Pepper Vegan Mayo Online
Black Pepper
Cashew Mustard Dip and Spread Online
Cashew + Mustard
Chilli + Caramel Sauce Online
Chilli + Caramel
Dill Seeds + Herbs Dip and Spread Online
Dill Seeds + Herbs
Five Chilli Oil Topping Online
Five Chilli Oil
 Garlic Vegan Mayo Online
 Peanut + Lime Dip Spread Online
Peanut + Lime
Schezwan Sauces Online
Sweet Mustard Dip and Spread Online
Sweet Mustard
Tamarind + Spice Dip and Spread Online
Tamarind + Spice
 Timur Chilli Crisp Topping Online
Timur Chilli Crisp